Hi, I am Jess.

Making photographs has been a long time love affair for me. I picked up my first "real" camera in 2006, and in 2011 I graduated with a BFA from Missouri State University where I studied film processes and made photos with really old cameras. These days I shoot with less old cameras, but am still very much inspired by the richness of film.

Photography is the way I communicate. It's the way I feel most understood. When you look at my work, it's my hope that you hear beauty and truth. That you smell the air and see the electricity of what was happening. I hope you are able to know the story in you bones without ever having to hear a word about it.

My friends and family, partner Mark, dogs Lito and Rylee and June the Cat are my greatest joys. I'm a lover of juicy IPAs, roadtrips, and slow mornings with a fresh cup of pour-over coffee (or whatever cheapo stuff we snagged lazily from the grocery store). I love to paint, draw, write, read, practice yoga and one day I'd like to have a flower and vegetable garden and some goats. As I get older I understand more and more how important it is to build a life saturated with my passions. I photograph because it is one of mine and because it allows me time for the rest.

My shooting style is relaxed, funny, and candid. We'll make some posy pictures smiling at the camera, but you'll spend more time laughing at the people around you and rolling your eyes at my lame jokes than cheesing. I'll ask you to stare into your partners eyes more than you may be comfortable with, and I hope you'll see them in a way you haven't before. You'll hold sweaty hands and squeeze one another so much that when you leave you'll remember what it felt like the first time you met. I want to create photos you hang on the walls of your home and look at with pride alongside your grandchildren someday. Photos you can't believe are of you because they expose your soul and your happiness.

If you are looking for photos like that, let's chat.


"The choice of a person to capture our wedding day was one of the most important choices we made in the event-planning process. Like every couple, we had heard and seen horror stories about hiring cut-rate photographers to shoot a wedding so we knew that we were after a highly-talented person and were willing to make an investment in our memories. We've been married for almost three years and every time we look back at our photos, all the feelings and memories of the day come rushing back as if they had just happened. Jess captured our day so perfectly. She is so incredibly talented with capturing people exactly as they are. While we did have a lot of posed images (because the bride wanted them), the way she captured the candid moments of the wedding and captured each person's personality yielded some priceless photos that we will cherish forever. The photos of our wedding are also the last photos we have of the bride and her mom before her mom passed away, which makes the unique way that Jess captured the day even more important. In addition to being an incredible photographer, Jess is also prepared for anything. Halfway through the reception, the zipper on the bride's dress broke and Jess saved the day with a sewing kit she kept in her bag, sewing the bride back into her dress. There are a thousand amazing things we could say about Jess, but we'll sum them all up by saying that you won't regret hiring her to capture your priceless moments."

-Cris & Chris